Bence Goes to the Movies

Bit of technical malfunction lately, while any of you who use a different podcasting program are able to revel in our quite singular takes on cardboard, those of you still shackled by iTunes have been unable to listen. I've been tinkering with this and my ignorance seems to be getting the best of me. Soon enough though. Hopefully.

In the meantime, I thought I would take this chance to talk about one of the other big passions in my life. The Cinema.

In another life I(Bence) used to write about movies and TV for another site, I am quite happy with the work that I was able to provide, but make no mistake I am happy with my new home at Drop the Dice. That doesn't mean that I don't miss the chance to discuss film on a weekly basis. Whether arguing with my editor or swapping recommendations with the Music editor, it was a different time in the the blogosphere and one that I get nostalgic for now and again.

Then I realized. This is my website. I can write about what I want. So here goes. I won't do this often, but every once and a while a slight detour from tabletop is bound to occur( you need only listen to our podcast to see that we have a myriad of interests.) Today though we are going to tackle the Oscars.

I'll try and keep this short, as I just wanted to briefly discuss what I think will win some of the bigger awards. Few things to keep in mind. I haven't seen everything on the nominee list, and these are who I think WILL win. Not necessarily who I WANT to win. I also understand how political the Oscars are, and I'm fine with that. I look on it less as a true gauge of quality and rather a night full of entertainment in which we dedicate a few hours to the cinema and celebrate the past year. That's all. So without further ado here is who I think will win a few of the major awards. I would love to hear your thoughts out there. comment below or hit me up on twitter @dicedrop.

Best Cinematography - Emmanuel Lubezki/The Revenant: This guy is a living legend in the realm of cinematography. Years from now people will study his work as definitive turn of the century cinema. He will join the likes of Conrad Hall and Raoul Coutard as one of the finest shooters to pick up a camera. I love Deakins, but Chivo deserves this...again....for the third time in a row

Best Editing - Margaret Sixel/Mad Max : This could go to the Revenant as well, but the Academy is going to want to give Max some awards and this is one of the bigger ones to show just how much respect Miller and this film has. To be able to blend such emotion and adrenaline together without ever feeling a jolt in tone is a feat unto itself, let alone keeping coherence among the sheer insanity on screen during the multiple set pieces.

Best Original Screenplay - Singer and McCarthy/Spotlight: this is also the same category that gave the award to the Cuaron bros for Y Tu Mama Tambien, so there's still the chance for Compton or Machina to make a showing here, but smart money has this Oscar frontrunner taking this one home. Spotlight takes a story with huge ramifications and holds back over and over from over dramatizing the events. Ruffalo gets one speech but it makes sense for his character, there is no grandstanding there is subtlety the whole way through and they manage to keep you riveted as you watch this story unfold.

Best Adapted Screenplay - Randolph and McKay/The Big Short: again giving this to the Oscar frontrunner(yes yes i know there's like three front runners) Who knew the writer of Ant Man would get an Oscar. Good for him. I haven't seen this one, but I cant imagine anything else knocking this out. I'd love to see Carol get some love, but no Picture and no Directing nominee means it didn't land at all with the academy.

Best Supporting Actress - Alicia Vikander/ The Danish Girl: the new hotness over Kate. Haven't seen either but I loved her in Ex Machina. Kate could take this too, but my money is on the newbie.

Best Supporting Actor - Sylvester Stallone/ Creed : he received some backlash at the Globes, which I think is completely ridiculous. Quite literally this is Stallone's character, and decades later he revisits it and is actually rewarded for his performance. Can you even imagine the severity of emotions that would overpower you? He didn't forget Jordan or Coogler he just was shocked that it actually happened. That being said Sly, buddy, I hope you wrote down what you want to say, I wont be able to defend you again. Lock

Best Actress - Brie Larson/ Room: This girl is gonna be one of the greatest of our generation. Everyone go watch Short Term 12. Right now. Great job. 

Best Actor - its fucking leo.doesnt matter what movie its his just let him have it: Lock

Best Director - Innaritu/ The Revenant: Wow two times in a row? Impressive man. If Max wins editing, then Max could win here. If The Revenant wins editing, then this is Innaritu's.

Best Film - The Revenant: what's so exciting about this year is that as much as The Revenant is in the lead, its not by much. Spotlight or The Big Short could easily take this. Then again, with so many movies gunning for the number slot, that means they could split the vote. Then The Room or Mad Max wins. I don't not want the Revenant to win, but I'm always excited to see a surprise.


That's it for now. I'll be live tweeting the Oscars this Sunday most likely from my own twitter though so follow me @bencemaus always ready to talk about movies.





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